Top Wedding Planning Questions Answered

A wedding symbolizes the coming together of two people in a contract of love. The beauty of a wedding is that it is a public display of the voluntary union of two people to walk their lives as one. A wedding is thus a love story, a story of hope for people to support each other and it is the beginning of companionship. The guests are witnesses of their communal support for the couple. With all this, a wedding has to be a special day to remember.   This responsibility lies on the planning of the wedding.

Wedding planning is a challenging affair. The best plan is born out of preparation and the pursuit for happiness.  This article seeks to answer the top

wedding planning questions.

The most common question is who should attend the wedding and how to seat attendees. The guests are a prerogative of couple. They and their family select the guests. The seating arrangement can follow the traditional seating method.  The groom’s guests should sit on one side with the bride’s on the other. The higher the profile of the guest, the closer to they should sit to the bride and groom’s table. (Another wedding planning resource:  Click here).

Wedding planning advice
Wedding planning advice

The second important planning question is how long it takes to plan a wedding. There is no specific time cap that it should take to plan a wedding. There are a number of variables that should be taken into consideration. Factors such as the size of the wedding, the venue, the expected activities, and the level of cooperation of the parties involved with the planner and the specific needs of the couple all  inform the period of preparation. However, real planning should begin a minimum of one month before the wedding.  Preliminary planning can even take place a year before the wedding.

What activities are essential during planning that makes a wedding successful?  The most important factor is that the wedding planner understands what the client wants. The use of pictures or videos can be important during the conception stage. The planner can only deliver if he or she understands exactly what the client expects. Secondly,

Stress free wedding planning
Stress free wedding planning

preparation and rehearsal are necessary.

To ensure that everything will be in place and run as expected, prior preparation and rehearsal must be conducted. Cooperation is also central to the success of the wedding. The process involves collective input of various people. Utmost cooperation is the only way to avoid chaos.  (Great wedding pics and ideas: Here).

These are fundamental questions regarding wedding planning.  A wedding is a one-day process that is usually anticipated years or months before it is actually done. That is why planning is necessary.   Wishing you happy planning!


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Great Engagement Photos

So you want to know about good

engagement photography ideas.

To make sure that those amazing memories from engagement to wedding day are kept throughout time, couples are opting to get engagement photography sessions  This is the day the couple gets to be alone without all eyes on them. It is a time when the couples have the opportunity to express who they are as a couple and share that vision with friends and family.

Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet

Pure and simply, the photos should be a reflection of the style and unique personality of a couple.

Arranging a professional photography engagement session can cause some couples to get nervous.  After all, it may be a professional photography “first” for many couples.  (Visit

Bike riding anyone?

Bringing in special mementos or doing things that you, as a couple, frequently enjoy to your photography session can add real fun and whimsy to the photos.  You all can ride bikes down your favorite nature trail, or blow bubbles, or even play frisbee.

What is your favorite flower? Why not lay in a field of them (taking care not to get stung or muddy, of course).  As engagement photography has progress, photos are becoming modernized and my stylish to reflect the growing creativity by photography and the couple themselves.  Check out these ideas below to give you some suggestions about your session.

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

Picnic time!

Arrange a picnic at the park with your favorite things to eat. Do you have a particular beach you enjoy?  How about including your favorite wine or champagne?

First date?

Remember your first date?  Perhaps photographing at the place where you first laid eyes on each other is a good option.  Did you meet at a neighborhood hang out? Including places that mean a lot to the couple adds depth and significance to the photo session, itself and the photos.

Some of Your Favorite Things

So many couples have a favorite strolling place, or a favorite thing to do or place to go…Ask yourselves, what makes you special and run with the idea!  (Please visit Pinterest at

Sports Anyone?

Sure! You can wear a favorite team jersey in your engagement photos. After all, they are your photos and it is your time together to uniquely express yourselves as a couple.

Around  Town

Cityscapes and views make for excellent backdrops.  Peruse your city to discover places that will suit your personality and taste.  Do not forget to consider using museums and landmarks.


Pets are our people, too! So, bring the pet or pets along for the ride!

Fair play

Fair in town? Have a ball with your engagement photos! From sharing fun fair food to rides, there are many opportunities for great, fun photos at the fair.

Movie Night

Use your favorite movie to inspire a theme or costuming or characters for your session. Now, get ready for your close up!

Get Prepared

The engagement photography session serves several purposes.  First, you get to know the photographer and they you. In this way, on wedding day, you, as a couple, has had the chance to get to know the photographer’s personality and style and visa versa.  Secondly, the session is a chance to have the make up artist work on you before the wedding day. In this way, mishaps and mistakes are avoided.  And, thirdly, but not least, the session is a fantastic opportunity to capture this precious time in your life in the most fun and unique or classic way you can. Now get out there, and have fun at that session!




What You Need To Plan A Wedding

My number one answer for the question,

What do I need to plan a wedding?” 

is… a wedding planner.  Here are some quick tips to help you choose the right one.

Tip #1:

Training and experience


Wedding planners that invest in themselves by completing formal training programs and attending conferences and workshops offering continued education opportunities to build skills demonstrates their commitment to wanting to offer their best selves to their clients. Because wedding trends change, you want to ensure you are hiring someone who keeps their finger on the pulse of the industry so their knowledge is current. (Be sure to visit for more great wedding advice on what you need to plan a wedding).
Tip #2:

Vendor relationships

A sign of an exceptional wedding planner is one that has great relationships with reputable wedding vendors. The more vendor relationships the wedding planner has, the less energy you will have to spend searching for vendors on your own and possibly ending up disappointed with your selections. With an abundance of vendors in every category, it is difficult to distinguish one from the next. But an experienced wedding planner will know who is reliable and who will give you the quality of product and exceptional service you deserve.

Tip #3:

Personality and reputation

Expansive tent wedding reception

When it is all said and done, it does not matter how experienced a wedding planner is if she or she does not have the personality for the job. Being a wedding planner and answering your question of “What do I need to plan a wedding” is so much more than managing people, logistics and time. It is about being personable, flexible, patient, selfless, sensitive, and much more. A wedding

planner has to be comfortable working with people and poised under pressure. Be sure to pay attention to how the wedding planner responds to your questions. If her answers are vague, rushed or filled with uncertainty, this is likely not the right person to trust with your wedding.  (Be sure to visit Urban Veil on Pinterest for more great photos and ideas: Pinterest board link).
Exceptional organization and time management skills are important when it comes to planning a wedding, but what you need more than anything to plan a wedding is the right attitude. Protect your investment, protect your sanity and protect your relationships and consider hiring a wedding planner.
Thank you for joining me. If you have questions about this topic or others, send your questions to Until next time, happy planning!

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Advice For Planning Your Wedding

So you’ve gone from being a fiance to a bride-to-be. And, now you’ve got a wedding to plan. I suspect you will need some

advice for planning your wedding

planning advice. So let’s talk about the best approach to go about planning your wedding.

How smoothly your wedding goes depends on how you approach the wedding planning process in the first place. I have observed many brides jump into the process without giving to much thought exactly how to go about planning for the big day.

My goal is to help you avoid the many pitfalls that may come your way along the way. As you may know, planning a wedding comes with so many decision which can cause a couple to get overcome and feel overwhelmed. This is why it is so essential that you take the time to think through each thing you need to do to make your wedding planning journey as free from bumps in the road as possible. If your vision is strong and solid for your wedding day, the path will be smoother. (Be sure to visit us at for more photos and info.)

Barn wedding

Envisioning your big day

Make sure to talk with your mate about how you each envision the day before investing too much time and energy into the planning. You want to be sure your partner is just as thrilled about the big day as you are. You also want to be sure to include your partner in the planning process. This is, after all, a very special day for you both. In this way, you will get to know where your points of view differ and were they come together. While your discussing the wedding together, discuss the what, who, how, when and wheres of the wedding day. (And, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest board: Link).

Who to invite?

Do you plan on inviting only those friends and family which you feel close to? Co-workers? Are you comfortable inviting people who you really don’t speak to regularly. You may want to avoid inviting people just to feel seats and to avoid having people who are there out of obligation and not because they truly want to be at the wedding. What about your parents? Will they be permitted to invite whomever they wish to attend?


What style wedding do you wish to have?

Are you dreaming of a more modern wedding and have in your sights a rooftop wedding with a city skyline view? Maybe you’re dreaming of a big church wedding? Maybe even the same place your parents were married? Perhaps re-living the time and place of a first date where you all walked the beach till sunset appeals to you. Just ensure that your wedding is a true reflection of you and your partner’s personal tastes.

Ask yourself when it is that you want to get married? What about getting married during a particular season or holiday? What about a significant date that has meaning for your relationship. You might consider selecting a date that is near your one year anniversary.

Where will the post-ceremony take place?

Location is vital when it comes to your wedding. You can have it at a hometown locale or a destination wedding. Whether the wedding is far or near, make your location decision based on that which will give you the least stress. Destination weddings can be appealing but keep in mind they can be difficult to control especially if you’re a hands on person.

How will you tell your special story?

Think about how you’d like for your guests to recall and experience your big day. Imagine that you are a guest and think about how you’d like to experience the wedding considering food, colors and other experiential things your guests will enjoy. It’s a great chance to have guests get to know who you, as a couple, are.

Wedding bouquet

My best advice? Visualize and define early in the wedding planning process. This will give you a clear perspective while planning your wedding day. So, you will be protected from people with good intentions but who can cause you to veer away from your plan. Just be sure to stay true to yourself and your vision and that includes you and your partner’s vision. So, go ahead and do it your way!

Send me any questions or topics you would like to see addressed. See you next time!

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